Therapeutic Massage



The massage I give is a therapeutic, deep tissue, intuitive and healing massage.

With the use of aromatic oils  i  will help you to let go of any built up tension and toxins, if you would like i can also guide you through a meditation whilst having a wonderfully relaxing and/or energizing massage.

I use wonderful rich warm Almond oil for my clients, with a choice of oils below.  :

Rose: , a heart opening aroma is a relaxant, may help with stress relief and grief, Post Traumatic Shock Disorder (PTSD) it may be helpful for those that suffer from PTSD and varying levels of anxiety.  Rose Oil may  be helpful for insomnia if used in low concentrations.

Lavender: Good for Acne, allergies, anxiety, ashthma bruises burns, skin , srtess, stretch marks, whooping couch, itching labor pains, scars, sores, sprains etc.

Geranium : Acne, dull skin, menopause, cellulite.

The oil is warmed up for the massage this allows the pores of the skin to open which will help the body to relax even deeper.

“Deborah really got into places that i had never felt with other massages, i felt completely relaxed in her company, she gave a really deep massage,  she told me to breath into certain areas which i found highly beneficial to help me to relax deeper. i have never experienced a massage like Deborah’s, I highly recommend it”. Cathy (Mamaheaven retreat)  see more

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