Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is not just a massage but a wonderful chance to feel relaxed and at ease with the emotional highs and lows of the coming birth,

Pregnancy massage is highly beneficial throughout the nine months of pregnancy; though, if you are having a high risk pregnancy please discuss your condition with your midwife or physician before booking an appointment, where a written release will be given for you then to receive a massage.

You will receive a a choice of either Swedish massage or  light massage work that might include other modalities such as circulatory work, reflexology and Indian head massage.

I am available to come to your home which is a wonderful way to fully relax in the knowledge that you dont have to make your way home after your treatment.

As a Doula i  will give you tools and advice to help you through your pregnancy and labor helping you to feel happier, calmer and excited about creating a new life.

Advice: A journey session may be very valuable at this time too as it will help to release any behavioral patterns, emotional, mental or physical which may also get passed down the generations.

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