Young Adult & Teenagers


Full of Fun and Adventure

The Teenage process is an amazing way of accessing blockages that are stopping you from moving on in life maybe after being caught up in any pain and issues that have occurred in your life time or not even knowing why  but not having the mental tools to release.

Consequently the pain can get trapped in the body which may cause negative behavior, a sense of unworthiness, unloved, easily stressed, highly emotional, anger, sadness, rage, disappointment, unfocused etc

The Journey process can feel like an adventure which can really be interesting & fun.


I will start of by asking you to write or draw from a feeling that’s coming up so that they know what the specific issue that needs to be dealt with be it an emotion, memory, behavior or an ailment in the body – There will be a short relaxation process, approx 15 min. Then I will take you on an adventure into the body.


Knowing that the body has its own deep knowledge, I will ask you to step into a vehicle of your choice. Now this vehicle is very special as it will take them to exactly the right place inside the body.

You will then step outside and describe to me what it looks like right where your vehicle has landed. Then going over to the area that doesn’t look quite right start to feel whats coming from that area now this is really getting to the core of the issue right here so really listen to what your body is telling you. There may be a memory associated with this area, so just let the memory or series of memories come up.


Even though you cannot change what has happened you can clear the pain that is associated with the memories, So you are now given different ways of dealing with things so that you can react in a way that no longer allows pain in.

Then you visualize a campfire and bring to the fire the people who had made you feel the initial pain. Now this is your chance to really let it all off your chest, really tell them how it was for you, so a conversation happens here until understanding, acceptance and forgiveness can be felt.

You are then guided out of the process and you really do not have to do a thing afterwards so just relax, you may find that something has changed immediately or it may take some time, you wake up a few days or weeks later and realize that you now react in a positive way.

You will now be asked to write or draw as you did at the beginning of the work to see how you feel about the issue that came up for you now you have been through the process.

This work may really open up the minds of these young people to really allow them to tap into their creative skills and gifts.


With each session you will receive:


  • A free phone consultation

  • Up to a 2 hour journey session

  • Your personal report

  • Positive affirmations ( what to say to yourself on a daily basis)

  • An action plan

  • Follow up phone calls


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