The Designer Journey


The Designer Journey is an in-depth process that includes both the Physical and Emotional process’s, many tools will be used to really help to reveal the truth of what has been holding you back, what has been causing repetitive behavioral problems in your life or creating physical, emotional or mental challenges.

This is a deep process that once an issue is accessed you can move on in your life with the truth of who you really are, your source. Celebrate your life, let go of all pain that has been holding you back in whatever form it comes in be it physical, emotional or mental. 

Book an appointment now it may be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Contact me to arrange an appointment for three Journey-in-healing sessions,
You can mix your sessions with the Emotional, Physical and/or the Designer process


With each session you will receive:


  • A free phone consultation

  • Up to a 3 hour journey session

  • Your personal report

  • Positive affirmations

  • An action plan

  • Follow up phone calls


Disclaimer : If you think you may have a medical condition I advise you see your own qualified medical advisor and receive a full and proper medical diagnosis. I, Deborah Hayes am not qualified to either diagnose or give medical advice, or medical treatment. You are therefore responsible for your own health and decisions.