"I love my journey adventure" by Billie-Mae aged 7

The children’s journey is for kids up to the age of 13, it can be an amazing fun filled time taking them on a magical journey inside of themselves to find any stored pain or emotions that has affected them in one way or another, sometimes it can be such a minor event that can build up over time creating issues that were not addressed or dealt with in a positive way at the timeThis is no ones fault its just the way we have been programmed to behave, pushing emotions and situations down into the body with out even realizing.

A lot of children are deeply affected by issues that may arise in life, be it at home, school or even in their own beings, it may be that patterns have been passed through the generations consequently creating a negative habit or/ and behaviour.

So the journey not only helps to release the issues but also gives fantastic tools on how to live life as from NOW

The Children’s Journey may help with: 

  • ADHD

  • ADD

  • Cancer 

  • Leukemia

  • Disease 

  • Depression 

  • Pain

  • Inability to concentrate 

  • Anger 

  • Torment 


Through drawing, writing & visualizing they can really open up to their true potential, to allow them coming home back to the gifts they have within.

With each session you will receive:


  • A free phone consultation with a parent or guardian

  • A min 1 hour max 2 hour journey session

  • A personal map/drawing of the session 

  • Positive things to say on a daily basis 

  • Follow up phone calls with the parents


A children’s process may take approx an hour to complete.

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