The Journey Testimonials




My Skype session with Debz was really amazing. I was sitting with various life questions and she seemed to intuitively move towards them, and we were able to explore around them together. The two hours passed very quickly yet we managed to go quite deep, surprisingly so. I look forward to my next session sooner rather than later. Thank you Debz!                                                                                                                Ben Zuddhist . Entertainer, Clown.  France . 2018. 



 I am really grateful! “I had a wonderful and transformative session with Debz. She really held the space beautifully for me to feel safe to dive into the area I was dealing with. I travelled all the way into my fear and emerged on the other side of it. I felt a sense of freedom and liberation. Since the session I have felt so much more peace within my being and feel more able to meet the challenges of my life with ease. I feel a deeper connection with myself. I feel very grateful for this session. Debz is a wonderful facilitator. “
Layla May . Healer . workshop Facilitator . 2018 


I had my first journey session with Deborah at the end of 2015. I had been suffering from extreme eczema for the year prior to that and the dermatology appointments, medication, supplements, elimination diets and Chinese herbs I’d tried to get it under control had not helped. It was effecting every area of my life and I was in a desperate, dark place. A friend recommended the journey to me, so I met with Deborah.

It was a very deep, emotional session, through which I realised the relationship between my physical and mental state. Although I’d had over 4 years of psychotherapy many years before and am an experienced mental health nurse, I had not realised that I still had high anxiety, almost constant negative thoughts and little self-compassion. Deborah has remarkable intuition; as though she knew myself and what I needed to let go of better than I did. That made the first session surprisingly comfortable. 3 days after the appointment my skin was completely clear. It was absolutely miraculous and unbelievable to my loved ones and I.

Spaced over the following year, I’ve gone on to have another 4 sessions, really releasing me from the physical and emotional pain I felt. With Deborah’s guidance I have been able to face and tolerate difficult memories and emotions that before I’d suppress or do anything to avoid experiencing. At points this process was extremely difficult, but Deborah works with optimism, great care and attentiveness which gave me the strength to continue my healing. The affirmations that Deborah provides after the appointment were particularly helpful for me to keep in mind what we’d talked through in the session and not let my self-doubt get the better of me.

The last year has been one of immense change for me. I no longer feel suicidal, fearful or hopeless and feel as though I have much more control over my life. For the first time in my life, I feel like everything is going to be okay. And my eczema has completely resolved. I would recommend Deborah to anyone who is in physical or emotional discomfort, who is willing to let go of what is holding them back. Meeting Deborah has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life, for which I am deeply grateful.

Elizabeth Hoskins. Nurse. Brighton 2017. 



I have Journeyed with Debz over the years. I now live in Toronto and have done some Journey workshops here. I have recently done some work with a trainer in her home and was on the phone to Debz bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t just pop across the pond to come and see her. I felt the Journey was easier for me if I was with someone that really knew my history. That way I didn’t feel like I had to explain myself and could just surrender to my source more easily.
Debz had suggested Skype to me previously and I had been very resistant to it, as I thought the human connection was important. What I didn’t realise is that the human connection is there whether they are in the room with you, or speaking to you down headphones and watching you on a screen. Either way Debz was still with me!!!
I found the headphones really helped as they blocked out the outside world, and I found that being in my own living room with my blanket and cushions very comforting.
I also found that after the session it was a relief to not have to deal with the outside world.
Debz was there on the screen to speak with me and be with me, but when I was ready to be on my own it was as simple as pressing a button.
I felt the whole experience was just easier on myself than having to get in a car and travel. Easy to make a time and just have to be at home. Easier also to drop into your source because  everything is familiar and comforting around you. I also felt I was less aware of time, much less aware of when the session might end. Maybe I was less sensitive to Debz ‘stuff’ as she was not physically near me??
I am not a techy person at all and generally like to limit my time in front of a computer, however I would highly recommend going for a Journey on Skype with headphones!!!
Go on try it.
Justine, Canada

I had suffered from severe eczema for a year which covered my entire body and was completely debilitating. I’d tried almost everything conventional medicine had to offer as well as seeing nutritionalists for elimination diets and trying Chinese herbs. Nothing was helping and I was feeling desperate and hopeless. I heard about The Journey through a friend, which led me to Deborah.

I entered the work with her feeling sceptical as nothing had helped previously. However her absolute faith and knowledge in our ability to heal is contagious and I quickly started to feel hopeful. I had 3 sessions with Deborah which have had the most profound effect on me; improving my health significantly but also in opening a deep understanding of myself and allowing myself to let go of so much physical and emotional pain I’d been carrying around. I felt completely supported and accepted by Deborah throughout this intense process. She works with such integrity and authenticity which is beautiful and powerful to experience. After my work with Deborah I feel like a different person with a much greater capacity for calm, joy and laughter.  I truely cannot thank her enough.

Liz, Brighton.

At a time of great stress and incredible change in my life Debz offered me a supportive and loving hand in a way that words cannot possible convey. I owe her a great debt of gratitude for the holding and guidance given in my sessions. Her ability to support me with such love and kindness and yet keep my attention focused on what was of most importance in the moment, even at times when the going got tough was beautiful and powerful to witness. I felt truly honoured, accepted and acknowledged by this powerful shaman and I was able to witness myself and my process in a way that opened a door to a completely new view of myself that has really helped me change my life for the better in many different ways.

Thank you again Debz for your love and Kindness

   Phillipa Hedger. Wales.


Thanks Deborah and thanks again for your dedication and presence during the session – it really was the most powerful and deep journey process I’ve had.
 Lisa. Brighton. UK. 

“The most significant shrinkage of the tumor occurred after the sessions I had with Debz”

“ The tumor stopped buzzing and i wasn’t limping anymore when I left the session with Debz”

“ It felt incredible to have accessed that memory where i put the rocks inside me to block feelings. I have spent the last week feeling again! as if this part of me had been severely dampened for a number of years, now my emotions are able to flow  through me healthily ”

Rosa, Performer, Magician, Artist. Sussex. UK.


I had a wonderful  experience with Deborah back in May 2014. I had had experience of counseling on and off over a period of some years to deal with various issues I had which were having a negative effect on my life and the way I was living it eg. relationship issues, parenting self esteem and energy levels etc.  I had heard about The Journey and read the book and following that searched the internet for a therapist and Deborah was among those so I contacted her,immediately I found her soothing voice and calm approach made me feel safe, so we arranged a time to do a Journey using Skype,which suited me perfectly as it meant I could relax in the comfort of my own home and I had no concerns about the process or the emotions it may evoke in me and how I would react and deal with them ( I knew from previous counseling that it can be quite tough to face past issues whatever they may be). Deborah prepared me well with lots of information prior to our session and afterwards support phone calls which were always on time, almost to the minute and it was easy to talk with her. My Journey turned out to be very emotional and upfront from the beginning and I confronted a lot during the 3 hour session I felt a sense of unburdening and more than anything a more intuitive sense of understanding surrounding the issues that came to the forefront during it. I personally feel you have to remain mindful of the importance of the affirmations you are given afterwards, because it keeps you focused on the work you have done towards finding your true inner self. I have setbacks and times when I doubt if I am any further forward but that is usually because I have forgotten to take care of myself, but I at least recognize this which is a major difference. So all in all it has worked very well for me and I will consider having at least another journey if required and I would go to Deborah as I feel I  can trust her. I think it is important to keep things real and the fact that this was not in any way an”airy fairy” kind of experience where you possibly feel all euphoric and hyped was good. I count my blessings thanks to Deborah.  Julie, UK.

The work with Deborah brought me to a very beautiful and tender place in me. It brought me to  place of trust, surrender and Peace with my past experiences as a child, I was able through Deborah’s work come to a place of the ability to truly let go of fear and move into the space of Love. Thank you so much Deborah.

Tara. Yoga Teacher. Spain.


Wow what a wonderful experience, it was surprising, painful and then massively Joyful. A homecoming to myself. Thank you Deborah. With love and Gratitude.

Sarah. Actor. Spain


After the healing session,  I felt very peaceful inside and more aware of myself and my vulnerabilities. Thank you Deborah. Anna. Reflexology practitioner. 


After my  session I felt I had blown away all my cobwebs, I feel lighter, fresher and more capable of dealing with any negative emotions. Thank you Deborah.

Lesley. Dancer.


I have been lucky to do a lot of work on myself in my 60 years though with Deborah I went to a place I have never vistited before, a very hidden & protected place. I am grateful more than I can say.

Alan. Massage Practitioner.


I had the most awesome healing session with Debz Hayes . I got to the bottom of things that have blocked me and stood in my way of my true love life happiness for years. I saw things clearly and how it all joined up. Have released patterns of defensiveness and angry behaviour with men, forgiven those who raped, hung and drowned me in my last lifetime, put down my sword and bridged the gap between my worlds!! Would be feeling amazing, except i need to sleep for a week in a nest of angel feathers til i re-emerge all clean and reinvigorated! Feeling so very grateful to Debz for being such an angel herself, and leading me on an inner adventure that i so needed. Love you Debz and thank you. I recommend her to everyone x  Tara Love Perry. Healer. Brighton


“Before the work with Debz, I was paralyzed by fear, I couldn’t do anything but see my life go by while I tried to move on. Years ago I had a bad experience in my life, I was mistreated for many years and because of that I lost my voice (before that I used to sing opera). After that experience I could not sing anymore, I tried to, took singing lessons, went to psychiatrists, took antidepressants but nothing helped. Another “monster” I couldn’t face was my thesis, I didn’t feel capable to make it and obtain the degree, I was just postponing it until who knows when…My sister took me to see  Deborah Hayes in Brighton, two weeks later I came back to my country, Ecuador, and I just handed my thesis in a few days ago, and am singing again! My voice and my life are back. These are just to examples of what has happened to my life, but I feel so different, it is just everything, my attitude towards life, my dreams… I feel I can accomplish every goal I set. I am so happy and excited to see so many good things coming towards me, I will always be grateful for having met Debz and for having taken the journey. Thanks again.Lucia.Singer. Ecuador
“When I arrived for my session I was full of resistance.  With Deborah’s help and understanding I was able to move through and clear issues of fear and abuse that I had been carrying for 36 years. I left feeling light, with my heart full of laughter. I feel so much freer . Thank you so much. – Jackie. Carer. Southampton.
“I had hip pain and limping for several years. After working with Deborah I felt so much better. Two days after the second session I went to a party and was able to dance all night. This was a first after many years! As a result of the work we did, my energy levels and self esteem are much higher!!” – Peter, Homeopath. Spain
“I started smoking since I was 14 years old, I had been trying to stop for a long time with no success. To my amazement and delight, one Journey session with Deborah cleared the addiction and i haven’t smoked since.” – Tanya. Yoga Teacher. Spain
“After trying all sorts of herbal and nasty chemical remedies for the warts all over my hands, i came to Deborah with little hope of success. Instead, within 2 days of the work they started to clear up and now , a month later, my hands are completely clear !” – Coriander. aged 16. Spain
“The way you work with people is absolutely amazing.” – Skip, Journey Workshop Leader U.S.A