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Hello everyone, well sorry i havent been in touch for a while, i have been away in Croatia and now i am back and today I am working for 3 days at florence House in Seaford on the Mamaheaven retreat, please take a look here if you would like to join us at anytime and or know anyone with little ones then please pass on the link. With love xxxx


Its certainly a time for looking in to our deepest selves and healing the past and internal issues that are creating behavioural patterns and pain within. Here is a link to the astrological Pele report, which may help you to understand more of whats happening and go within.

Time to let go of all that’s holding you back in life !

One love and peace.



Beautiful song by Mike Love .. Let the healing begin.  yes bring it on !!!



wow what a storm last night. Awoke to a massive lightning strike, check the link below to see some of last nights action.




“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”
—Anthony Robbins


Good Day everyone,  yesterday was an interesting day.. lots of great manifesting from people and a day out to the Crop Circle at Wilmington, with my grandson, Kairo, my good friend Emma and her friend Keith. As synchronicity would have it I met in the center of the star in the center of the crop circle some very good friends of mine, Alexa, Fe, Siobhan, Alfie and his friend Oscar.


 Stewart’s Art Show Brighton

On Monday 26th June, I went along with my friend Sophie to her husband Stewart’s Art Foundation degree show, below is some of his work which corresponds with human emotions and how we deal with them, It is interesting as showing this in art form can be very strong and get us to see what we can do to ourselves emotionally and that emotions and feelings do exsist even though we cannot see them with our eyes, it is all about feeling.


Summer Solstice 2014.

Good morning everyone ! its 21/6/2014

Wishing you all a wonderful summers day, here in UK its a beautiful bright blue sky & sunny day.

Unfortunately i didn’t make it to the Stones but i am sure everyone there had a wonderful energising morning with the sun shining through the East Stones.

May this year bring you all your wishes in abundance

Sending you all so much love and healing.



Talking to my  3 1/2 year old Grandson this morning, he asked

“what are emotions, Nanny ?” 

I replied “Well Kairo, there are many different emotions,  whats your favorite feeling inside of you Kairo ?”

” Heart Nanny” 

“Whats inside your Heart ?” 

at the top of his voice and a big smile he shouted   “LOVE !!!”


This morning i awoke still tired so i put on this 20 min yoga video and now i am feeling energised and ready for the day.

there are many yoga styles and teachers on this site so take you pick !!!


I was sent this beautiful message this morning from a very dear friend :

Awake at Dawn with a Winged Heart,

I Give Thanks for another Day of LOVING.


Good Morning everyone.

Its 10/6/2014

I have just been away for a couple of weeks in beautiful Spain, where i was on a Share and Learn retreat, up to 11 practitioners sharing treatments, reflexology, shiatsu, massage, the journey,  yoga and dance. We were surrounded by a wonderful atmosphere in the mountains of the Alpujaras. Granada. it was a wonderful experience being supported and sharing our work. The retreat centers hosts Rupert and Julia made us feel so comfortable and welcome like being at home, they provided fantastic accommodation and the most amazingly delicious home made organic food. The views at the center are outstanding, south facing down rolling hills to the Mediterranean Sea, where on a clear day Morocco can be seen. (i will post up some pictures on the gallery) I am feeling completely blessed and refreshed from a wonderful week on retreat. Dance Camp in the Alpujaras was also on a week later  which i attended for 24 hours, Jenny the hostess, has created a wonderful camp for all to enjoy from kids to Grandparents. Whilst i was at the camp i enjoyed learning a little Tango, Samba and danced a lot of freestyle too. The food was fantastic and i could have just stayed the whole time to enjoy the entertainment if i didn’t have to leave for the UK. So after topping up my tan at the beach and eating more wonderful food  i was feeling back on the road to health. i in fact lost 7 kilos in the 2 weeks away 🙂 . So I made my way to the airport, landed in the UK to a cloudy rainy day as normal UK is predictably unpredictable.



Tomorrow 2/5/2014 is the funeral of Loki, he will have the most amazing send off in Bristol: here is a little poem that came to me this morning.

May you fly High Loki !!!

May you reach higher than the sky.

May the sun shine on you forever more.

May the times you shared with all here in this lifetime be the fuel to take you higher.

May you be the glowing glory of light.

May you never forget.

You are an inspiration.

A guiding light.

A wonderful soul.

A humor so light.

You made us laugh at each and every plight.

May you be the light so bright.

now that you have left the body so weak.

You are with so many friends and family,

their presence so strong.

Your never alone and so it shall be.


And you Loki.

will always be.

within the hearts of all your family.


its a very sad time my friends Julie and Thor, gave birth to a wonderful boy called Loki, he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, and was given just a very few years to live. Loki died yesterday 17/4/2014, he was a wonderfully courageously strong young man, full of fun and loved to make everyone laugh. He shall be truly missed. My girls, Mia, Maisie and Billie are completely devastated by his parting at this time. Yet we know that there is more to life than this physical form, so i say please do not weep, for his parting as he is surely flying high with all his friends, Brenin, Caisie, Tisha, Malin, …… they are spirits together one and all, filled with the love and light of pure essence. one love xxxx love to all his immediate family, Julie, Thor, Joey, Millie, Rosin, Elsie also to Helen, Joe and Tommy.


Take Life Lightly,

Be Light Hearted,

Step lightly,

Live in light.


A poem by Debz

Purely guided

Love unattained

Unity expressed

Awakened beliefs

Beliefs creating

Vision unimpaired

Beauty everywhere

Elegant recognition

Nothing spared

Love vibrational energy

Breathing through the layers

Coming always from love