I specialise in anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts & tendencies


I am so excited  to welcome you to Liveinlight. The  work that I offer is unlike any other therapies, it can really bring you home to your truth of being, healing you along the way. Come with me on a wonderful experience to Live in your Light. I am truly blessed to be working with you.

In all love with Grace, Debz   xxx

I had my first journey session with Deborah at the end of 2015. I had been suffering from extreme eczema for the year prior to that and the dermatology appointments, medication, supplements, elimination diets and Chinese herbs I’d tried to get it under control had not helped. It was effecting every area of my life and I was in a desperate, dark place. A friend recommended the journey to me, so I met with Deborah.

It was a very deep, emotional session, through which I realised the relationship between my physical and mental state. Although I’d had over 4 years of psychotherapy many years before and am an experienced mental health nurse, I had not realised that I still had high anxiety, almost constant negative thoughts and little self-compassion. Deborah has remarkable intuition; as though she knew myself and what I needed to let go of better than I did. That made the first session surprisingly comfortable. 3 days after the appointment my skin was completely clear. It was absolutely miraculous and unbelievable to my loved ones and I.

Spaced over the following year, I’ve gone on to have another 4 sessions, really releasing me from the physical and emotional pain I felt. With Deborah’s guidance I have been able to face and tolerate difficult memories and emotions that before I’d suppress or do anything to avoid experiencing. At points this process was extremely difficult, but Deborah works with optimism, great care and attentiveness which gave me the strength to continue my healing. The affirmations that Deborah provides after the appointment were particularly helpful for me to keep in mind what we’d talked through in the session and not let my self-doubt get the better of me.

The last year has been one of immense change for me. I no longer feel suicidal, fearful or hopeless and feel as though I have much more control over my life. For the first time in my life, I feel like everything is going to be okay. And my eczema has completely resolved. I would recommend Deborah to anyone who is in physical or emotional discomfort, who is willing to let go of what is holding them back. Meeting Deborah has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life, for which I am deeply grateful.

Liz Hoskins . Nurse. 2017 

I’ve just had a healing session with Debz Hayes which was amazing, effective and very nurturing. She lovingly guided me to meet my pain and feel into the ancestral root of it to clear the underlying emotional block. Debz is a very attentive and intuitive facilitator and trusting her is easy. She’s clearly an expert at what she does and loves her work, so I felt totally safe and relaxed as she led me in the deep healing work. I feel soothed, strong, and energised and will definitely be working with Debz again. Very powerful work and highly recommended.

Tara Love Perry .  Inspirational Healer and Public Speaker .  Dec 2017 

The day after the work with Debs, I felt so calm, I felt like I just wanted to sleep which is unlike me as I am always on the go. Also the pain that had been in my body has gone . Yeah . Thank you Debs.

Andy Mather, horseman and removal man. Dec 2017.

Thank you so much for the wonderful session, It was truly an answer to a deep prayer. What I loved the most about the session was your ability to be present with me as soon as we began. You were flexible, crafting and designing the session as was required in the moment to get me towards the breakthrough. It really helped that I didn’t have to stick to a formula that you had decided, but one where it was a dance. Thank you for nudging me and pushing me where necessary, while still giving me space to explore at my own pace. 

In the last week since the process, I feel like I have been realigning within myself. I have felt the need to rest a lot. Yet, I am very energetic and enthused about life. I am excited about what is going to get created from here. 

Thank you so much once again, for this wonderful session. 

Saumya Shama.  Delhi, India. Dec. 2017. 

I felt truly honored, accepted and acknowledged by this powerful shaman and I was able to witness myself and my process in a way that opened a door to a completely new view of myself that has really helped me change my life for the better in many different ways”.

Phillipa, Artist and Bee Keeper. Brighton.2015.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “Deborah Hayes has a gift. I felt safe as she guided me on an epic yet structured inner adventure. She gave me the support I needed as we looked at my deepest darkest stuff together. I trust her 100%. Deborah Hayes is the gift.”

Emma Plunkett. Artist.  Spain 2016

“Deborah held a really safe, supportive and unconditionally accepting space during my Journey process. With her gentle but firm approach, she helped me to explore a number of issues at a very deep level, and to discover some new insights, understanding and ultimately peace around them. Great Journey process work!”

Martin – Web Designer – London 2016